24/7 Pharmacy

Pharmacy at KLFC Hospital is conveniently located in the campus of the Hospital and is open 24/7. All your medicine needs are taken care at our day and night Chemist Shop. Right from rare drugs to surgical material, this shop stocks them all. Stringent quality control ensures that medicines at the shop are completely updated and are of highest quality. It stores enough drugs so that necessary drugs are available at all the times. 
Since we house most of the major drugs necessary in the medical treatment, the patients and their relatives have easy accessibility to the required drugs any time.

• In-patient, out-patient and take home dispensing.
• Patient medication education and counselling.
• Controlled drugs dispensing.
• Preparation of sterile and non-sterile products, including chemotherapy and intravenous nutrition.
• Medicines information department.
• Pre-packing unit.
• Clinical trials support and management.
• Formulary implementation and maintenance.
• Procurement and supply of drugs from the main pharmacy stores.
• Quality assurance.
• Mental health services.
• A ward based pharmacy service.