About Us

Welcome To KLFC Hospital

KOORAPATI LAPAROSCOPY & FERTILITY CENTRE is the comprehensive tertiary care hospital in the heart of Warangal area accessible for all populations. It is a 50 bedded hospital with all modern facilities, a centre of excellence for advanced laparoscopic surgeries, research and innovation, renown for continuously delivering quality health care at reasonable cost.

Hospital is equipped with all modern equipment boasts of a team of super specialist Doctors, experienced Nurses, paramedical and medical technicians and support staff. Our Hospital has been set up to fulfill the essential need of humanity and make health care affordable.

Mission Statement:

Providing high quality, international standard and compassionate surgical services in a cost effective way and bringing advanced surgical technology to the reach of common man.

Vision Statement:

To be the center of excellence in advanced surgical technology in the region. And do research and innovations to translate the research into clinical practice.

Core Values:

Teamwork: We collaborate and share work to benefit the patient and colleagues for advancement of our mission.

Compassion: We commit ourselves by providing caring and supportive environment for all patients, their families and our colleagues.

Integrity: We commit ourselves to honesty, confidentiality, trust, respect and transparency in our work.

Safety: We believe in providing safe environment for patients, attendants and colleagues by maintaining high safety standard protocols to deliver high quality care.

Service: Service to humanity by providing affordable healthcare to all.