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other Hernias

Other Hernias

  • Epigastric hernia.This is when fat pushes through the belly somewhere between the belly button and lower part of the breastbone. These show up in men more often than women.

    An epigastric hernia has some qualities that are different from other hernia types. While all hernias occur when a weakening in your abdominal wall allows tissue to push through, epigastric hernias typically involve fat pushing through the abdominal wall.

    Most occur around the navel and are often confused with umbilical hernias. They can occur anywhere from the breast bone to the navel, however. These hernias may be called ventral hernias by your doctor.

  • Giant abdominal wall hernia.You might get one of these if you have an incisional hernia or some other kind that’s hard to treat and keeps coming back. You usually need more surgery to fix it.

    A giant abdominal wall hernia can develop from an existing ventral or incisional hernia, sometimes arising after one or more failed repair attempts. These hernias may also result from a traumatic injury where the abdomen was required to be left open and healing was delayed. In giant abdominal wall hernias, multiple loops of intestines and sometimes other abdominal organs reside within the hernia sac.

  • Spigelian.You get this type when fat tissue pushes through muscle below your belly button along the bottom edge of where your six-pack might be.