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KOORAPATI LAPAROSCOPIC HERINA CENTRE is the comprehensive tertiary care hospital in the heart of Warangal area accessible for all populations.

First hospital to introduce lap hernia surgery in the region.

Lap hernia surgery lap hernia surgery done by done by experts surgeons and we follow international protocols for safety.

Periodically we conduct training for surgeons in lap hernia surgery.

Koorapati laparoscopic hernia centre doing pioneering work in laparoscopic hernia surgery and our centre has innovated new techniques in lap hernia surgery to make affordable for all sections of people.

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Hernia Treatments

Owen Grady

Hiatal Hernias

Hiatal hernias occur when contents of the abdominal cavity protrude through the esophageal hiatus of the diaphragm. Factors that contribute to the development of a hiatal hernia include an enlargement of the esophageal hiatus due to developmental defects, an increased abdominal thoracic pressure gradient, and the depletion of elastic fibers in the phrenoesophageal membrane with aging. There are four different types of hiatal hernias and management varies depending on the type.

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Umbilical Hernias

An umbilical hernia occurs when fatty tissue or a part of the bowel pokes through into an area near the navel (belly button). It pushes through a weak spot in the surrounding muscle wall (abdominal wall). Umbilical hernias are very common in infants, with one in 10 young children being affected. They are especially common in babies who are premature (born early).

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Incisional Hernias

Incisional hernia is defined as an abdominal wall defect at the site of abdominal wall closure and more than 10% of patients, who undergo laparotomy, experience the hernia.It is estimated the number of incisional hernia repair cases would reach 90,000 in USA, 41,000 in Germany3 and 2,150 in Korea per year. Approximately 50% of incisional hernia develop or present within the 2 years following surgery, and 74% occur within 3 years.Ventral hernia is a bulge of tissues through an opening of weakness within abdominal wall muscles without surgery.

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Groin Hernias

If you feel a pain in your groin when you cough or lift something heavy, you may have what doctors call an inguinal hernia. It happens when a part of the small intestine or fat pushes through a weak area of your lower abdominal wall. About 3 out of every 4 hernias are in the groin.

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